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Chris de Burgh – Moonfleet & Other Stories

Here’s the all new album by the famous pop artist Chris de Burgh! It’s his 19th album already, and he keeps on surprising me with his touching music. The quality is great, 192kbps and of course it’s in MP3 format.

The album contains the following tracks, enjoy!

01 The Moonfleet Overture
02 The Village Of Moonfleet… (Narration)
03 The Light On The Bay
04 Have A Care
05 For Two Days And Nights… (Narration)
06 Go Where Your Heart Believes
07 The Escape
08 And So It Was… (Narration)
09 The Days Of Our Age
10 The Secret Of The Locket
11 With Heavy Heart… (Narration)
12 My Heart’s Surrender
13 Treasure And Betrayal
14 Moonfleet Bay
15 The Storm
16 Greater Love
17 In The Years That Followed… (Narration)
18 The Moonfleet Finale
19 Everywhere I Go
20 The Nightingale
21 One Life, One Love
22 Why Mona Lisa Smiled
23 Pure Joy
24 People Of The World


All Polka Medleys By Weird Al Yankovic

While searching for an album that contains all Pokla medleys by Weird Al Yankovic,, I found out there wasn’t any, so I have downloaded each Polka Medley seperately, and bundled them into in album myself!

The album contains the following tracks, enjoy!

01 “Polkas on 45″
02 “Hooked on Polkas”
03 “Polka Party!”
04 “The Hot Rocks Polka”
05 “Polka Your Eyes Out”
06 “Bohemian Polka”
07 “The Alternative Polka”
08 “Polka Power!”
09 “Angry White Boy Polka”
10 “Polkarama!”


Dropkick Murphys-Live on Lansdowne-(DVD)-2010-LzY

Here’s a new release for this album, containing 3 extra bonus tracks. From the album’s opener, “Famous For Nothing,” the album captures all of the energy of a live Murphys set, and the recording is clean and perfect. In fact, some of the songs benefit from the live treatment even more so than they did on the original recordings. “Sunshine Highway” and “Flannigan’s Ball” are injected with extra sweaty energy, and their Boston sports anthems “Time To Go” and “Tessie” are presented in best possible way, accompanied by the cheers and accompaniment of rabid Boston sports fans. Brought to us by LzY, enjoy!


Genre: Punk / Folk / Rock
Artist: Dropkick Murphys
Title: Live On Lansdowne (DVD)
Quality: VBR V2
Total Playtime: 79:40

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Circa Survive-Blue Sky Noise-(Deluxe Edition)-2010-MTD

Circa Surive have stayed true to their sound over two albums, but their latest album, “Blue Sky Noise,” finally sees the band changing directions. The best part is that it doesn’t suck. At first I was a little turned off, but with time, I’ve found myself really enjoying it. I guess it’s an aquired taste.. kinda like beer ^^. The band’s sound is is still there, but just slightly different. I hear more of vocalist Anthony Green’s solo acoustic song writing style being heard more on BSN than earlier albums, like 2007’s “On Letting Go.” There is a lot more storytelling here, which is a turn from his earlier work, where in all honesty, no one knew what he was writing about. To conclude, the term Experimental really applies here, and you either love it or hate it. Brought to us by MTD, cheers!


Rock / Experimental
Artist: Circa Survive
Title: Blue Sky Noise
Quality: VBR V2 201 kbps
Total Playtime: 65:45

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